Friday, 8 November 2013

Back in Ayutthaya, and got me a job!

Well im back in Ayutthaya, it's funny being back at a place you know. I went for a meeting yesterday with Roy from LS Thailand and I now have great new prospects ahead of me. The position I've been offered is working at what they call an "English Camp" its not a camp in the conventional sense like I worked at in America, its essentially a place to learn English through fun and games, everything is prepared so I just need to be my normal enthusiastic self and I should get on just fine. They run these camps normally once a week and they last two or three days. If I like the first one and im happy, I think I will continue to work for these guys for at least a month, maybe two, or maybe more who knows. They have also offered me a second "teacher trainee" position which involves working in a formal school environment teaching children, as well as adults occasionally. The pay for this is low at just 8000 baht a month (foreign teacher salary almost always starts at 25,000 or higher) however along with the 8000 they will pay for a furnished apartment including bills which sounds pretty good to me. After the meeting I had to nip to big tescos (yes they have that here i couldn't believe it) to buy some trousers and shoes as all I have are flip flops and shorts. I start on Tuesday.

Im currently staying at the P.U Guesthouse which is voted number 1 place to stay in Ayutthaya by Lonely Planet. I try to avoid if I can some of the LP reccomendations as it typically drives prices up but this place is pretty reasonable considering it's high season too. Im paying 300 baht a night for fan room and there is a huge swimming pool right outside my door. I told the owner that I'm to be a teacher and she was thrilled. The other morning after I'd just woken up she saw me and said "teacher teacher,  please help me" she had recived an email from a previous customer which she could read but she wanted to reply and struggled with this part, she gave me her phone and dictated what she wanted to say; it was pretty funny. She has a daughter here and her daughter has a friend called Fai who is 22, she speaks some English but wants to learn more as she plans to go to America to study. She has asked me to help her and asked what I charge for private tuition (obviously I hadnt thought of that yet) there was an American teacher staying at the guesthouse once who charged her 500 baht per hour. For the time being im happy to teach her about the English language and England in exchange for her to teach me about Thailand and its language. Last night a few of her friends were at the guesthouse and we talked for ages, it is incredible how diffrent this culture is compared to that in England. I find it fascinating.

This morning I went to the gas station and filled up but unknowingly I only had 40 baht in my wallet, the price was 70. I had to explain "I need go ATM, I come back pay rest" I also had to use some hand gestures as they still did not understand. They had a discussion between them and let me go, 10 minutes later I was back and they were smiling.  Afterwards I had a little chuckle too.

For the next couple of days im going to take it easy, I can see myself being by the pool a lot, I still havent been to an internet cafe to upload pics so I may do that tomorrow. Fai is coming by the guesthouse shortly and she told me she has a present for me.


  1. I forgot to tell you when you had nobody beside you , look at your arm. I'll be friend with you always
    thank the god make we find and be friend together :)
    My brother ^^

  2. I forgot to tell you when you had nobody beside you , look at your arm. I'll be friend with you always
    thank the god make we find and be friend together :)
    My brother <3