Tuesday, 15 October 2013

At The Airport

The trip to the airport was as you'd expect. We left at 5.30AM so it was still dark out, I was still tired and I had a million thoughts going through my mind, most of all the question, what an earth am I doing?! I kept telling myself "you're going on an adventure, you have done all you research, you'll be fine". Deep down I know I'll be fine, I figure if I wasnt worried at all then that in itself would be something to worry about; a little apprehension is surely good.

When I arrived at the airport check in was nice and smooth so I went out for one last smoke. When I came back inside, it was only to discover a piano in the middle of the lounge with a big sign saying "play me" I thought it would be rude not to so I walked right over and played a few litle songs for the busy people rushing around trying to catch thier flight. When I got up, only then did I realise I had a bit of an audience watching me, it was pretty good fun, a good way to kill a little time. Im currently sat waiting for my flight which takes off in an hour. Get me on that plane already!


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