Sunday, 20 October 2013


After a couple of days in Bangkok we decided it was time to move on so we arranged a minibus to take us to Ayutthaya the ex capital and highly historical city less than 2 hours drive north. We arrived to a sweet little guest house "Tonys Place" immediately noticing a much better more chilled out vibe compared to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. After checking in we were offered a 2 hour boat tour with two temple stops, the ride was great and the temples sensational. One of the stops included visiting Thailands biggest Buddha which was very impresive. Along the boat ride we saw many homes on the river bank were flooded because of the monsoon, it was sad to see, certainly made me think about how some of these people live.

Day two in Ayutthaya we hired some very sketchy looking push bikes and took the streets, lets just say it made for a very interesting day. Nobody died but it was pretty close a few times, we biked around finding lots of diffrent temples on the way it was absolute jokes. What's crazy about this place is the amount of wild dogs, I mean literally everywhere on every corner on every street down every ally; they're everywhere. They are all pretty docile and on the surface of no threat, they completly ignore humans and just seem to wander around aimlessly. I did have one pretty scary incident with one on our bike ride though where out of the blue one made a go for me, as I was on my bike I got away quickly but my heart was pounding. 

The rest of my travel buddies left this morning to head a bit further north however im staying back for another day or two as I need to visit a place that can potentially offer me some work teaching English. Although I dont plan on doing this just yet thier head office is in the city so it makes sense to pop them a visit. From my doorstep I can find someone to take me to where my friends are so its no issuse, all forms of transport here are in abundance and very cheap.
Thats it for now, its very hot so I think it's time for a nice ice cold smoothie.

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  1. Hopenyou had your rabies shot glad your enjoying it mate. From rips