Wednesday, 16 October 2013

First Night In Bangkok

All my worries about meeting people sharply came to an end when I met no less that 8 people on the plane doing the same thing as me! Upon arrival to Bangkok we shared a couple of cabs and headed toward the Khao San Road. It wasnt as hot as I thought it would be luckily but man there was some crazy traffic (apprently the small narrow hard shoulder is used as a constant driving lane) We all checked into our various hostels we pre booked and met up for a drink, several hours and several beers later we decided we wanted a massage, we went for the full body swedish for an hour coming to a whopping price of five pounds. It was incredible! The night continued on walking up and down the Khao San, I think I must have been asked two dozens times if I wanted to buy a suit or if I wanted "cheep cheep tuk tuk ride" I read that this road is notorious for scammers and that it is.

The craziest thing of the night was involving a deadly black insect.  I always said jokingly that I would eat a scorpion off a stick in Bangkok not actually thinking that I would ever do it. Well it turns out I did. We were at a bar sat outside and this lady was walking around selling these terrifying looking things, I had plenty of dutch courage at this point so picked a medium sized one out and ate the thing whole. Suprisingly it actually tasted good, just a little bit too crunchy!

I write this post this morning from my hostel room, I think we're heading to MBK today (huge shopping mall) as I need to pick up a cheap phone, other than im not sure what the plan is, probably gonna get another massage.


  1. Glad your first night went well bro x

  2. I'm sure the scorpion wasn't the craziest thing of the night Chris. Nethertheless, great blog and enjoying the reading.